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High quality composite tooling solutions

With our three 5-axis CNC milling machines, working within tolerances of +/- 0.1 mm, we are able to manufacture extremely precise and durable master plugs.

Master Plugs

Direct Mould Technology

For prototypes and one-offs, a direct mould solution is the perfect choice. With this type of mould your project’s liquidity and time table will improve significantly and you will have no master plug taking up storage space.

CNC milling of tooling for the global wind turbine industry

Dencam Composite is preferred partner when it comes to reliable and cost-effective composite tooling solutions where time-to market plays a key role in determining the success of the project.

With many years of experience in the composite industry, skilled and competent staff and top-level quality assurance we guaranty our customers first-class products that are extremely accurate, consistent and durable in operation.


Dencam is manufacturing moulds for industries such as the wind, auto and boat industry. Our moulds are of a high quality, cost-effective and stable. Lately, our focused innovation work has led to the development of the direct mould which is milled directly on our milling machines.  


Models as a pre-step to the actual design and development phase or models for sculptures, art objects or the like can be produced with extreme accuracy on our milling machines.  

Direct blade moulds for small series products with short lead time

Direct Moulds




Presenting a new plug type

As the only supplier in the industry, we can now provide an extremely strong and weather-resistant alternative to the traditional master plug.

The glass fibre plug can endure an almost endless number of prints, is weather resistant and easy to prepare between demouldings.

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